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Lenny Base System - fluxbox

DrakeMagi Posts: 43

pentium 3 , 1 ghz . 386 ram.

What i done so far.

Install Lenny Base system (No Desktop).

Add to sources.list lenny backports

aptitude - Fluxbox , iceweasel , hardinfo , xserver-xorg-core xorg , pcmanfm , xterm , scite , gdebi

xarchiver , gsetroot , ksnapshot , gimp , nfs-user-server , nfs-common

deb files download and gdebi , wbar , google.chrome

pcmanfm - needed .gtkrc-2.0

-- install - tango-icon-theme

-- setup .gtkrc-2.0

setup conky , wbar

add fluxbox-theme Nuevat3k-Glacier



- flashplayer , download from adobe , extracted , copy to /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins

# non-free flashplayer didn't work for me , from lenny backports

Problems are


-- click on item open it twice

-- have to refresh on boot to see background

iceweasel , google.chrome

-- seem to have trouble using menu with mouse

other known problems.

-- menu in other programs dont like to stay open without mouse button down.

Nfs file sharing

-- just haven't seem to get this to work


  • DrakeMagi
    DrakeMagi Posts: 43
  • MikeEnIke
    MikeEnIke Posts: 88
    Lookin good, always nice to compile yourself some custom OS.
  • DrakeMagi
    DrakeMagi Posts: 43
    Just learning as i go. Adding what i like.

    nfs sharing i have not fiqure out.
    using nfs-user-server , not nfs-kernel-server

    found mepis-8.0 firewall ( guarddog )

    Now i get Permission Denied

    instead of Failed: time-out


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