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X server gpu usage


I wonder, how much does the X server and both Gnome and KDE stress out and use the gpu(ram and processing power)?

Can anyone compare it to Aero from Win7?

I was thinking that ideally, everything shiny that is included in the DE should be in the gpu's ram. Lets say I have VLC running with the Gnome gui - are all the icons and things that the gui uses in gpu ram and animating buttons etc does not use the cpu at all or does the cpu do it?

Ideally, a program on Linux should run and react as fast as if you typed it in the terminal without gui and shouldn't take more ram when running with a gui or without it.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    good question, I have win7, kde, enlightenment dr17 and gnome installed. If you can tell me what tools to use to easily watch the performance then I will gladly post metrics.
  • SkyHiRider
    Well, on Windows you can use RivaTuner, Everest or perhaps even PC Wizard. As for Linux, I'm not sure. I have read up on GEM (graphical execution manager) which should basically be a memory manager for the GPU's ram, but I don't know how to use it. Depending on your gpu card type you can use the drivers to get the info needed(Nvidia has a nice Linux binary driver). Will try to Google how to get the info I need, if anyone knows I'm all ears.
  • jhaskins75
    jhaskins75 Posts: 128
    I am desperately seeking help on how to open the e16 and DR17 I downloaded. When I try to open it, the Wine windows opens momentarily then closes instantly. I am not a wizzard with the terminal window, but I can follow instructions. I know how to search and install [ sudo apt-get install & apt cache search etc. ] but the packages are listed in my Synaptic Package Manager, and I reload & update, But after that, I am stuck. I have the ubuntu 9.10 OS and I downloaded the proper package for both, even the one new release with Etl, I think! I just need the correct instruction in Layman terms. Thank you, John:( :(


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