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Creating File Storage

Hi! All.. anyone can help me what distro i can use for File Storage:( . Thank you and God Bless..


  • Anyone can help me to decide what Linux Distro i can use for File Storage and easy to swap harddisk and i hope can you give me Step by step procedure.. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS..
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I am a bit lost about your request, any distro can be used to access file-storage, but the easy-swap hard disk is what I am confused about. Are you referring to using a hot-swappable hard disk or just configuring your system to recognize new disks that are added?
  • gomer
    gomer Posts: 158
    mfillpot is right. Any Linux distro should be fine. My guess is that you have a very specific drive enclosure that you're using. What may be a bigger concern for you is whether or not the kernel correctly supports your IDE / SATA / RAID controller. You probably also want to read up a bit on LVM, as this is most likely the tool that you will be using to manage the drives and their images.

    good luck.
  • The best distro used for file storage is OPENFILER . Which can be used for multipurpose. It provides you a rich feature gui for managing the disk drives. http://www.openfiler.com/

    It is not recommended for desktop use.
  • Thank You for all your help and Support.. bubray thank you for give an idea for file storage.. Gomer and mfillpot my only purpose is to make have an file storage can easy to detect even RAID or any harddisk.. and can you help what i make or a proper step by step to do from scratch and formating of harrdisk.. and separate of OS and the File Location. THANK YOU..
  • bubray do you have any Distro can you suggest other than Openfiler? i try to view the OpenFiler I think its Hard to me to make that because im new on Linux server... do you have any step by step i can follow to make this good for me? THANK YOU..
  • Hi haliparotin,

    I haven't used a better storage distro other than openfiler. I recommend it only in case you are going to use it for storage server.

    A easy step by step installation step is available at http://www.openfiler.com/learn/how-to/graphical-installation . The distro is suited for storage and does not contain unnecessary services.

    If you are looking for a reliable operating system go for redhat enterprise linux 5 or centos 5. The linux kernel supports almost all scsi disks.
  • hi! bubray THANK YOU for your reply.. i try to install this Openfiler.. do you have any idea or tips can give to me like for proper settings and most of all for partion? i want to separate the OS and the File location in different harddisk.. actually i new in linux and know i try using linux for safety and secure of files.. THANK YOU in advance for your BIG help....
  • bubray
    bubray Posts: 6

    I have been out of the forum for some time. Have you finished the setup. Hope everything is working fine.
  • hi! bubray, i try and install but its hard to follow some step;) do you have other than openfiler? Thank you...
  • bubray
    bubray Posts: 6
    You can try http://freenas.org/freenas . I haven't used it though.
  • haliparotin
    haliparotin Posts: 52
    hi! bubray THANK YOU for reply.. ok i try that.. THANK YOU....


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