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webcam not working on gateway


i have a gateway

Gateway MD24 Series Notebook to be exact

so my webcam doesn't work and when i ran the test below, I highlighted the bold part! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Please, any help is awesome, I have tinkered with linux to get a scanner to work, to get a usb drive to be wiped (it had a special format mode running on it and linux wasn't liking it) so i know my way around, but this one has me stumped!

my laptop has a 64 bit processor, 3 gig ram, duo core AMD, uh... dedicated ATI gfx card (drivers installed)

the part that tweeks me out and makes me know its working is I can login to chat roulette and the FIRST TIME it will work, and i can see people and myself, but if i refresh or move on to another chatter its gone, no webcam.

root@mike:~# luvcview -f yuv

luvcview 0.2.4

SDL information:

Video driver: x11

A window manager is available

Device information:

Device path: /dev/video0

ERROR opening V4L interface: Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdow



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