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grub not showing mint anymore


I hade linux mint 8 installed on my laptop and i wanted to try opensuse 11.2. so i partitioned with gparted to get some free space and installed opensuse in the free space. but when i boot my grub dosnt show my linux mint installation anymore and im not happy with opensuse. how do i get grub to show mint so i can use it again? i dont really care if suse dosnt work anymore im gonna take it off my laptop anyway.

thanks in advance.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Mint should have some kind of recovery options on the installation disk you used. But the reason why it is showing is because the opensuse installer did not detect or add the boot option for Mint. You should be able to mount the mint /etc or root partition under opensuse, copy the vmlinuz and initrd files into the opensuse boot directory, then modify the bootloader to give both options. If you do not know enough to do that on your own then I can help by giving you step by step instructions, just let us know if you need help with those instructions.
  • stevet1983
    thank you!


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