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Help in Graduation Project


Hello all;

I am interested to make a graduation project in OS field, and I need some help and topic suggestions about what needs to be maintained or some algorithms are currently is being studied in Linux Kernel Development.



Ahmad Al-Masry

4th year Computer Systems Engineering @ Birzeit University



  • gomer
    gomer Posts: 158
    I know something that has long been missing in the kernel, in my opinion, is support for socket migration implemented purely in the kernel. This is a roadblock to using Linux in an high availability environment w/out either using user-land tools to acheive a "stateful" fail over or using some kind of hardware load balancer, etc.

    It's been talked about every once in a while, and it's a ball that someone will pick up and run with once in a while, and then it seems that the ball is inevitably dropped. I'm not sure why though, and I'm far from a kernel developer. A lot of what makes it tick is still voodoo and black magic to me. ;)

    That's my $0.02.


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