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I would like to know the best resource for learning about this module. My company builds expansion chassis that support hot-plugging, basically PCIE Switch based back planes containing PCIE slots. Our latest Gen 2 PLX based chassis is not behaving the same as our older chasis. We are able to remove power to a slot using pciehp but not turn power on. Our gen 1 chassis used a different switch (the hot plug controller is contained in the respective switches) and it seems to work in both directions. I would like to debug this module to find out exactly where the process is breaking down. My plan is to review the source and maybe add some debug information that could help me isolate the issue. I have been working in operating system kernels and embedded enviornments for 20 years, but am still pretty new to Linux, I'm learning this stuff on the fly so some help from the experts would be appreciated.

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