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Installing Damn Small Linux on a Toshiba...


Installing Damn Small Linux on a Toshiba Satellite Pro 405CS

i had to do that because i can only get short title. ok, to the point. i am an active ubuntu user; i have it as my host os. but i have 3 very, very old computers, and they all are toshiba satellite pro 405CS's. they all have the same stuff. win95, 40MB of ram, etc,. the only differences are the hard drives, and their space. these computers have the option of external drives. so i have 1 CD-R drive (which has to be internal), and 4 3.5 inch floppy drives, two of which can be external. my problem is getting the system to boot from either the floppy disc or the disc drive. there is no option in the BIOS menus about cd booting, just hard drive and floppy booting. so i figured that i would take the DSL floppy boot image, extract it to a cd, and put the contents of the cd on a floppy to boot from. well, that failed as well. so does anyone know of a way that i might be able to get this to work?



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