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which installation should I try?

I am very new to Linux. I have tried the installation of Linux Mint 64-bit version.

All of the audio stopped working on my PC and I have not been able to resolve it so I am going back to square one.

I have an HP Pavilion dv8110us 1.8 ghtz 320 GB HD 2GB of RAM with an AMD Turion64 bit processor. (I don't know if all of that is pertinent but there we have it :)

When installing the Linux Mint I could not get it to automatically set up the HD partitions so I did it manually but I don't remember what the sizes were. So as much info as possible is appreciated.

I am mostly a PC user not much into programming.


1) What install might I want to try?

2) is there a 64 bit version of the OS that is stable enough to try? ( I wanted to to use the a 64 bit OS if possible)

3) specifics on how to install in case the automatic partitioning does not work again.

any and all help is appreciated !




  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,180
    By what I have read Mint is a derivative of ubuntu and it suffers the same problems. The sound and installer issues have been pointed out by many as being new to ubuntu 9.10. So I would recommend that you push stay with Mint but use a previous release since he new one is probably based on ubuntu 9.10.
  • Ditto! The 64-bit versions have been problematic. The 32-bit ones work fine on 64-bit systems though. So another possibility is to just install a 32-bit version of Mint-8, or try out a previous version.

    It's interesting that there are such differences between distros on certain hardware. The Debian-based distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Crunchbang, Mepis, etc) work flawlessly out of the box on my Dell, while Mandriva-based distros (Mandriva, PCLinuxOS) had all kindsa hardware issues on that machine.

    Sometimes it's helpful to look for distro reviews that were written by someone testing a distro on hardware similar to your own.

  • czar960
    czar960 Posts: 43
    thank you very much.
    I will give it a try.



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