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Ubuntu and terminal

hey all,

I have typically only used Centos and Fedora, which is Red-Hat based. I am using Ubunu 9.1 right now and I like it. However when it comes time to compling and configuring or installing on a command line, I am not comfortable doing it. I know that there are alot of similar or shared commands between yum and apt-get, but I wanted something I could formally train on, and to test my knowledge. Any free online resources or virtual testing I can try?

Sorry I am a newbie, but I want to learn so please help.\



  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    You can check "man apt-get" for the manual and read about all of the functions and options. As for a testing platform I am not aware of any, but you can always install ubuntu into a virtual machine in virtualbox and test on a virtual instance.
  • switch to aptitude, better than apt-get when it comes to removing dependencies..
    basics commands that i use 90% of the time..

    aptitude install package
    aptitude remove package
    aptitude search package
    aptitude update


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