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Extracting drivers found in one distro to another


hello all!

Can I extract the drivers for my APPLE USB ETHERNET device from my fedora core 12 install and apply them on CentOS 5?

During install CENT cant seem to recognize the device whereas FC12 finds it just fine:

eth0 (eth0) - nVidia Corporation MCP79 Ethernet

eth1 (eth1) - Apple, Inc. Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

[root@rac2]# dmesg |grep 'Ethernet'

usb 1-1: Product: Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

eth1: register 'asix' at usb-0000:00:04.1-1, ASIX AX88772 USB 2.0 Ethernet, 00:25:XXXXXXX

[root@rac2]# modinfo asix

filename: /lib/modules/

license: GPL

description: ASIX AX8817X based USB 2.0 Ethernet Devices

author: David Hollis

srcversion: 44BB4B4BE98F910434FB89B

alias: usb:v0DB0pA877d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v14EApAB11d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v0B95p772Ad*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v05ACp1402d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v050Dp5055d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v04BBp0930d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v1737p0039d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v2001p3C05d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v07D1p3C05d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v1557p7720d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v13B1p0018d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v0B95p1780d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v0B95p7720d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v04F1p3008d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v1631p6200d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v1189p0893d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v07AAp0017d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v6189p182Dd*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v0411p006Ed*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v0411p003Dd*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v0557p2009d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v08DDp90FFd*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v07B8p420Ad*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v0B95p1720d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v2001p1A00d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v0846p1040d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

alias: usb:v077Bp2226d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*

depends: mii,usbnet

vermagic: SMP mod_unload

If so, how would I go about doing it?


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Usually the drivers are built into the kernel, so just copying them from one install to the other will not work. Most likely centos has an older kernel installed than fedora because it is built on redhat v5. I would recommend finding the windows xp drivers for the device and using ndiswrapper to install them.
  • joshbaptiste
    if the driver exists then the source can be compiled for your kernel version since Centos doesn't provide it

    asix provides the source here..

    compile the module for your kernel and walla..


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