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back up scritp


i want to be able to split the file into 659mb size so far i have after i have the script i want to be able to run it with crontab once a month or so


tar -cjvf /home/lance/backup/archive`date +%m%d%Y`.tar.bz2 /home/lance/bashscripts /home/lance/.avast /home/lance/.config/deluge /home/lance/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

the archive will be stored in my backup folder in my home dir with the current date as part of the file name. the listing that follow after .bz2 are the folders or files i want backup. i found http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-compress-and-split-files-in-ubuntu/2008/10/06 it give dirttion on how to do split a single video file


  • MichaelK
    You can use split to split files into parts of a given size:
    split -b 659m archive2010-01-02.tar.bz2
    See the manpage for more options.


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