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Linux User looking for Programming School

I am a pro audio engineering for the Air Force. I am Fedora user and have been for a year. I am looking to get into more advanced programming and networking since my skills are limited in these areas. I have researched two schools the Air Force will pay.

DeVry University Online

University of Pheonix Online

I must be able to take classes online. Cost is not an option as long as the school will adjust costs to meet the tuition assistance.

Any ideas?

Between the two schools, which one is best?

Or am I way off and should go somewhere else?

Thanks to all who help!



  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    When looking for an education (especially from a trade school type college) it is not best to ask others for recommendations, you should ask the schools for the following to help you decide which program best fits your goals:
    [ul][li]List of classes[/li][li]The curriculum for the classes of interest (this will help you to see exactly what is being taught, rather than basing it off of a title)[/li][li]A book list for the classes of interest (this will help you to identify how useful the information is to you)[/li][/ul]
    If you were doing physical classes I would say to ask if you can meet the instructors, but with online classes the instructors vary.

    Also since these are online classes, while you are deciding ask the school if they can setup a temporary login for their online classes for you to review some classes and the user interface to make sue that you can become comfortable with it. The recruiting reps will give false information to get you to sign your name, don't trust their words only trust what can be proven.

    I am a graduate of Westwood College (another trade school style college) and I chose that school over the two you listed, plus 4 other trade type schools and 3 major universities because the information I found before I signed any paperwork displayed that I would learn more with them. Do your research and you will find the best way to get the education that you want. As an FYI, if you are looking more for opensource application and programming that trade school will not be best for that since they generally hold tightly onto the MS ways.
  • I've done a lot of research, but I can't really find any good reveiws specific to the chosen route I want to take. I think asking other people is a good thing. You've opened me to new ideas and gave me some things to think about.

    Thanks for your help!!
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Here is what I have gotten from others who went to those schools.
    Phoenix has been primarily focused on business degrees when in contrast Devry has been focused more on technical skills, so that may be a better match for your needs.

    I can also recommend looking more into universities with a history in programming to see if they have online programs that the air force will pay for, somewhere like UC Berkeley or the University of Kansas would be guaranteed to give you what you want, unfortunately I couldn't find out if they do online programming courses.
  • Thanks I will check into those.


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