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XFS RAID 1 disk - how to get data out of it?



I have a problem with XFS partiton.. I have Linksys NAS box (NAS200).. changed disks in it, and was hoping to get access to old drives later.. but no.. now this system do not recognize this disk.. I had RAID 1 on them, but now only one disk of 2 is alive..

I got some patch from Linksys support for Windows, as they are suposedly supporting only Win, but this only allowed me to see 3 "unformatted" partitions in My Computer under windows..

[2009-12-08 03:35:53] Evan (30064E): Please read the FAQ carefully and Download the EXT2 software on the computer and install it, and you should be able to retrieve the data .

[2009-12-08 03:37:12] Evan (30064E): Please refer to the following link - http://www.fs-driver.org/download.html

E:\>mountdiag w:

The volume has not been mounted. No file system has been recognized.

You may look at the /etc/fstab file of your Linux installation to get more


Linux Mint was able to tell me, that I am dealing with XFS.. but it didnt showd me any files on it..

any ideas, how to get data out of this disk..?


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