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Trouble Accessing Windows Files?



I'm a Linux noob, so if you choose to help me, please understand that I know next to nothing about Linux Ubuntu.

I installed Windows 7 on my computer, leaving a 30 gig partition for Linux, as well as a 100 mb partition to use as swap.. space I think it's called?

I finally got around to installing Ubuntu today and can no longer boot Windows 7. I made sure that Linux would only use the two partitions that I set aside for it. I can, however, access the files that I have on Windows via Linux, so the partition is still there.

The problem is that when I try to access certain Windows folders, such as my Documents folder, said folder appears to be empty.

If it helps any, I made the Linux partition Ext2. I had no idea which one to choose from the list. Hey, I never said it was a smart idea, but it is what I did. >>

Oh, it's Ubuntu 9.04 by the way, I forgot to say that.

Anyway, I'm just wondering why the Documents folder might appear to be empty, and if there is a way to recover the files in this folder?

I understand that I've royally screwed up my computer and I'll probably have to redo bother operating systems, but it's a worth a shot.

Thanks for your help. (:


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    There is no reason that ubuntu would have removed your windows files. I think there are two possible reasons for you to not see the files from windows 7.

    1. You setup your windows 7 profile to encrypt your personal files.
    2. I have not used windows 7 but I assume that the directory structure is the same as vista in which the user documents are no longer stored in the Documents and Settings directory but instead they are stored in the Users directory.
  • altNull
    Have you tried to dual boot? What does linux say when you try typing in sudo fdisk -l?


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