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Share your encryption methods


In an effort to make the contents of the site increasingly useful I would like to request for those of you that use partition, file and disk encryption to write guides for setting up and using your encryption methods to post them in the blogs section, if possible make a new thread in the security section with a link to you blog post explaning your methods which will create an open venue for questions and discussions.

I use partition encryption and have also setup virtual partitions with encryption, but I would like to know what other options are available and how to implement them on various distros.

Thank you all in advance for sharing the information.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Partition Encryption

    Since I am an avid Slackware and CLI user, I cannot comment on graphical encryption tools and I cannot write a guide better than the one I learned from, so I will refer to it.

    The guide in the following link is included in the root directory on all Slackware disks and explains pretty well how to make pretty well encrypted partitions on your system via command line using cryptsetup.

    The guide at http://maarten.lippmann.us/?page_id=116, explains to how create static and dynamically sized virtual partitions, after these are built you can apply the cryptsetup methods from the Slackware guide to make them encrypted for personal information in which you can open them only when you need to.


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