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small distro + wine


howdy folks ;)

I need a little help from y'all...

I'm looking for a small distro that can run wine relatively well and/or is not hell to install...

and I'll be running that linux distro on a virtual machine, hence the need for it to be lightweight

basically, I'm running two custom softwares for work in my home computer. one works fine in win7 (gasp! i know... i know...) while one does not. I thought "oh well, there's XP mode" but turns out my processor does not have the necessary features for it

I'm trying my luck if I can run the non-working software with wine.

any ideas? I was able to run wine relatively easily slax before (with some minor font problems) and have also made a virtual XP machine before in Ubuntu (in a separate partition) so I know I should still be able to function with two full blown OSes running alongside each other without crashing so here's hoping that win7+small distro should be fast enough as well


  • DrakeMagi
    Puppy Linux
    around 100 meg distro.

    This one has a virtual drive as an option to save.
    takes about 1 gig depends on harddrive size.
    install virtual drive right to c: without any partitioning.
    Then just use cd to boot from.

    there also many different flavors of puppy. There the main one.
    Might want to look at puplets.

    Lighthouse pup is kinda of interesting.
    icewm or kde .
    lighthouse look like it going through some changes.
    kde edition was around 400 meg
  • antemon
    considered puppy, but last time I wanted wine in it, it was hell to install. Or maybe I was just not doing it right...
    I know that there should be at least one puplet that had wine pre-installed, gonna look for it later

    anywho, seems the puppy website is down....

    any other suggestions?
  • DrakeMagi
    slitaz :: http://www.slitaz.org/en/index.html a 30 mg distro

    pclinuxos :: http://pclinuxos.com/ , lite side around 370 meg

    antix :: http://antix.mepis.org/index.php/Main_Page , 430 meg


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