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Tired of VZ


I'm tired of Verizon. I have an older phone, and I am about to get a new Blackberry. I was thinking about installing Linux on my old phone and seeing if I could try some phreaking out. Anyone know where to find some good tutorials on how to install Linux on a phone?


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    http://tuxmobil.org/ is a great place to start.
    Don't be too hard on Verizon, right now I'm typing with a laptop tethered to the internet through my Treo 700p and through the Verizon 3g network. OMG, suddenly all these people are following me (Gee I hope you got the joke). Seriously, let us know if you have any success. My Treo is also old and I am looking for a new phone, and I'd like to try installing Linux on this one after its been replaced. One thing that's a must on a new phone, a usb port that allows tethering, the usb sticks, from what I hear aren't as fast.


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