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Issues with Ubuntu 9.10 on HP2133

uk63 Posts: 1


I had 9.04 running rather smoothly on my HP2133. Now I updated to 9.10 - and here are my problems ...

- The Boot menu doesn't list 9.10, just 9.04 - but does load 9.10. That's probably due to me saying to keep the old menu.lst and not much of a problem.

- When it loads, it says "longhaul is currently broken in your configuration". ??

- Also, there is an error message saying that the swap partition could not be mounted - has never been a problem before.

- Way more annaoying are the next two problems: the touchpad does not work anymore (USB mouse oK) - and there's no sound, not even an audio device apart from "Dummy stereo".

Other than that, it really looks nice - and I was tempted to try out the Ubuntu One service :-)

Looks like kind of a lecture on "Never change a running system", eh? Any hints on hoew to reslove these problems? Uh - I'm not much of a Linux crack, by the way, so....

Any helpful hint is greatly appreciated.



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