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microsoft exchange

tw3ak Posts: 37


I have no understanding of the corporate world of computing. I'm very happy with using linux everyday. My work laptop uses xp and has outlook and connects thru a vpn to a login for microsoft exchange server I believe.

simply put I'd like to use my linux laptop to connect and send emails to this microsoft server. I also use excel spreadsheet.

I don't know where to start except that I used to use "Samba" for a home network with both xp and linux running???


  • nhu
    nhu Posts: 2
    Hi :)
    you can use evolution mail to communicate with m$ exchange via owa(outlook web access).
    For all the M$ Office stuff you can use OpenOffice 3.0 and to communicate with windows shared folders you have to use samba. But as far as i know ubuntu comes up with all of these programs.


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