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Wireless-N USB or PCMCIA adapters that works?

mfillpot Posts: 2,177

I have a friend that is really wanting to get running with Ubuntu 9.04 (preferably 64-bit edition), however his built in wireless card is horribly unstable and I have been unable to get it working with ndiswrapper or by any other means.

He has been asking about getting a Wireless-N adapter to replace his onboard card and I would like your recommendations for a good wireless-N usb or pcmcia adapter that works out of the box in Ubuntu 9.04.

Thank you all in advance, you input and recommendations are appreciated.


  • RedSingularity
    Look here for supported cards. And please feel free to update the page if necessary.
  • jojocompas
    I agree with you, never change a good system unless you have to.
    I am also using Ubuntu 9.10 and I was tempted to keep the menu.lst but I backed it up instead just b4 I upgraded to 9.10. It's working fine on my PC, I had sound, screen resolution problems after the installation. I reported the issue to Ubuntu support and I was connected to https://launchpad.net/ and the nex thing I know after a reboot everything is working fine.


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