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Using a virtual terminal



When I’m using the virtual terminal I have some things which I want to change.

The font size is too small. How can I change it? Also, is any method to change a typeface? How can I achieve it?

The background color is also inappropriate for me. How can I change background and font colors?

Thanks in advance.


  • Set_Killer
    Which desktop environment are you using?

    if you are using Gnome (with ubuntu or other user friendly distro) - > right click on the terminal, Profiles, Profile preferences. then just play around with the tabs. there you can change font size, font style, font colour, background and much more. if you have Compiz running then you make true transparency for the background.
  • E_force
    E_force Posts: 10

    Thank you very much for you answer. I don't use any of the desktop environments. In my question I meant virtual terminals or virtual consoles (Ctrl + Alt + Fn) not a terminal emulator program. It is difficult for me to find any info or clear tutorial about how to set up a virtual terminal using native instruments i. e. without any third-party applications. If you have any information concern to my question please let me know.

    My OS is Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.2.



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