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cannot execute binary file


I am getting the error message "-bash: /bin/hostname: cannot execute binary file" while login to my server through SSH. Can anyone please help me to resolve this problem? I searched on the web, but not found useful solution.

Also, i could not use the command like,

1. cat /var/log/messages --- its working

2. cat /var/log/messages|more --- it gives the error message bash: /bin/more: cannot execute binary file

I am getting the error message whenever i run the command like, command | more, grep and rpm -qa




  • csorhand
    csorhand Posts: 5

    what is your permission in /bin. maybe files mentioned in that folder are too restrictive. Loosen up a bit the permission and test if its working.
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    This problem sometimes occurs because either the application was built for 64-bits but you are running a 32-bit environment, or it was compiled for an incompatible processor type.


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