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Looking for a program

I've been looking for some time for a program that will allow me to do the following:


[li]Select a folder containing digital photographs (Adobe DNG format).[/li]

[li]Create thumbnails of the images.[/li]

[li]Create an XML file that contains records for each image. The XML file should include the EXIF and/or IPTC data for the images, as well as a reference to the matching thumbnail. It would also be best if I have some control over the structure of the XML.[/li]


I've built and maintained my own photography website by hand using XML and XSL for several years now, and I'm just looking to see if there are programs out there that could simplify the process. There are countless programs that will generate an HTML-based gallery, but I'm looking for one that does XML. I've had no luck for some time now.

Does anyone know of such a program? I prefer that it work on Linux.


  • I'm not sure about anything existing for the XML part, but a cron job or script which uses the ImageMagick tools can do the resize for you. I think the tool you need here is "convert".


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