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sreen resolution Ubuntu 8.04-9.04 and 9.10 beta



I have been testing Ubuntu 9.10 on my pc with an Integrated Intel Graphics card (865G). I have experienced some problems with the screen resolution wich I have reported as a bug at http://launchpad.net (bug 408588).

In this process I became aware of something strange: The newer version of Ubuntu I use, the lower my screen resolution gets:

Ubuntu 8.04- max screen resolution : 1280x800

ubuntu 8.10- max screen resolution : 1152x864

ubuntu 9.04- max screen resolution : 1152x864

ubuntu 9.10- max screen resolution : 800x600

For an operating system that is constantly seeking to develop in order to be able to compete with MacOs and Microsoft Windows, this is a bit of a riddle to me...If it worked well with older versions, why does it suddenly perform so poorly?

Or is this simply a matter of priority? Is my graphics card to old for Ubuntu to be bothered with it?

Is this some kind of "Ubuntu policy", that older hardware is not going to be supported. If it is that would be nice to know.

For how many years will Ubuntu support your hardware? How often will you have to go and buy a new pc, to keep using Ubuntu?

Or is this a kernel problem? Have the maintainers of the Linux Kernel decided, that hardware like mine is to old to keep supporting?

If this is a result of decisions and priority, this should be published for the users to know.

Or is this just a matter of coincidence, mistake, bugs?

I have been looking everywhere I could think of to find an answer - and still I just don´t know.

Advocating Linux to my friends and family - stubborn Windows users :-) - is a bit difficult when the performance of a Linux os suddenly deterioates this way.

Henning Melgaard


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    It appears to be a problem with your video driver or the detetced display, due to the massive changes in the intel drivers I would bet it is from your video driver module. Have you attempted to modify the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file yourself to correct the resolution issues?


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