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[Resolved] Newbie Mouse problem


New to Linux

First time install of an older version of SuSE Linux 8.0 pro full box set given to me by a friend to install on an old dell 1.5Ghz Celeron with 512mb ram, 2x HD 40gb and 10gb both western digital, CDRW drive, Has original dell ATI RAGE 32MB graphics card. I am using a standard cheap keyboard working fine, The mouse is a Microsoft USB Wireless Mobile Mouse Model 1359. This is where my problems start I am going crazy with this Mouse every time I move it it opens something or moves something. I cant click on a menu because it will just open the first link in the menu before i can even see what it is. If it didnt have an old CRT monitor installd I would have put my fist through it already IM on the edge of insanity. Mouse requires no clicks on Icons or windows or menu items only have to click the task bar icons at the bottom but as soon as they open it selects the bottom link and opens it. How can I turn this off and make the mouse work like a Windows mouse?

BTW I am trying to Learn Linux enough to start a Home Server so if anyone knows what the best Distro to use or any other info I might need to make a multi-platform server I would appreciate it I will have Windows pc's, Mac's, Ipod touch, xbox, ps3, and Linux pc's if i can get the mouse issues fixed on this network.

Thanks for any help you can give


  • oneslocamaro

    Well thanks for posting on my problem but im not sure your input has helped any at all. But to anyone that might have given me helpful input on it i have since uninstalled the old version of Linux and installed a new version of Ubuntu server going to see if i can make it work.
  • Rovanion
    It could be that the mouse-button is stuck pressed down either by hardware or software.
  • oneslocamaro
    Switched to Ubuntu desktop and have no problems with the mouse now seems it was just a driver issue with the really old version of Linux and a new wireless usb mouse


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