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An Imovie like video editor is crucial

All the time I get asked by my educator colleagues about video editing in Linux. I have yet to find anything close to the entry level video editor for the mac. I love linux and adore using it in the classroom environment, but nothing comes close to imovie and forget comparing to Final Cut. Any ideas?


  • mfillpotmfillpot Posts: 2,180
    I have not tried video editing in Linux and have not used the MAC software, but have heard alot about cinelerra (http://cinelerra.org/about.php), by the screenshots and documentation it seem quite capable. I recommend giving it a try and reporting your opinion for others.
  • http://www.kdenlive.org/ is as close as there is for now considering most major video formats are proprietary.
    kdenlive is not feature complete yet but it's head and shoulders above anything else out there including cinelerra.
    Hopefully over time it will evolve into an imovie killer as it's already got a mac port. Only time will tell.

    Writing a video editing app for Linux has to be one of the most difficult ui app projects out there; purely just because there are so many things you can do to edit video and so many restricted multimedia format filetypes.
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