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getting a USB2VGA to work

I recently bough a SheevaPlug Dev Kit and a USB2VGA adapter made by Startech in the hope of getting a cheap light PC to run at home for the very basics.

As i understand, these USBVGA devices are supported by the sisusbvga driver. The custom kernels for the Sheeva available online from various sources do not have the sisusbvga compiled into it. So i took the pain of compiling it myself.

But unfortunately I havent been able to get any kind of display on the USBVGA. Neither console nor X.

When starting X, it claims to not even find the device.

The usb.id for the device is "0711:5001 Magic Control Technology Corp. SVGA Adapter" (I added the SVGA Apater manually into the usb.ids file)

Could any one help me figure it out and get this thing working?




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