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Belarc Advisor for Linux?


Do you guys have anything like that for Linux? What it does is tell you everything about your system down to the serial number of the router you're using. I want to check if my wifi card is working in this laptop my dad gave me---I know there's probably an easier way but I redefine the word "Noob".


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    There is a great little app that I put on all my installs. It's called inxi and it comes from techpatterns.com. You can find more info about it here: http://www.inxi.org
    Here's the output from the computer I'm on now:
    [GoinEasy9@fedoraboxW ~]$ inxi -F
    System: Host fedoraboxW Kernel i686 (32 bit) Distro Fedora release 11 (Leonidas)
    CPU: Dual core AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (SMP) cache 1024 KB flags (sse3 nx lm svm) bmips 9243.54
    Clock Speeds: (1) 2310.888 MHz (2) 2310.888 MHz
    Graphics: Card nVidia G70 [GeForce 7300 GT] X.Org 1.6.3 Res: 3360x1050@50.0hz
    GLX Renderer GeForce 7300 GT/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW! GLX Version 2.1.2 NVIDIA 185.18.36 Direct Rendering Yes
    Audio: Card nVidia MCP55 High Definition Audio driver HDA Intel
    Sound: Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Version 1.0.20
    Network: Card 2x nVidia MCP55 Ethernet driver forcedethforcedeth at ports b400 b000
    Disks: HDD Total Size: 250.1GB (26.9% used) 1: /dev/sda ST3250310AS 250.1GB
    Partition: ID:/ size: 224G used: 63G (30%) ID:/boot size: 194M used: 34M (19%) ID:swap-1 size: 5.54GB used: 0.00GB (0%)
    Sensors: System Temperatures: cpu: 36.0C mobo: 36.0C gpu: 63C
    Fan Speeds (in rpm): cpu: 3013 psu: 0 sys-1: 0 sys-2: 0 sys-3: 0 sys-4: 0 fan-2: 0
    fan-3: 0
    Info: Processes 174 Uptime 11 min Memory 328.0/3277.1MB Client Shell inxi 1.1.13

    I know that it comes with the AntiX distro, and the folks at Mint are using it (I do believe that an older version is included with Mint now). We mostly use it when we are helping others on IRC. You can use it to just print out parts, like inxi -G will just print out graphics info. The above output is -F for full, but it even can print out more info, look at inxi -h on the website.
    I know that it's not going to print out serial numbers or the mass of info that hwinfo will print out, but, it outputs enough to tell me what graphics card, what driver, eth0 info HD info etc., so I can tell what's up after I do a new install.

    Hope this helped.

    p.s. I believe the Quassel devs have it in their irc client, and it works well with X-chat and Konversation. Just another thought to share.


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