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How to install deep freeze in mandriva 2008

guys i need your help. how to install deep freeze mandriva? what is the script?

i am using the script

cd /home

rm -fR /home/user

tar xvfz user.tar.gz

service sshd start

but when i restart my computer there is an error i can't login to my default user account. the error is "kstartupconfig" something like that. but if i change the password of my account it really work. my question is 'is my mandriva os really freezed already? i guess not because of the error.

any help will be highly appreciated.

i am looking forward to those who will help me in working this things out.

Thanks Linux.com team Godbless


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Where are you getting the install packages from?

    The script you are entering is removing your /home/user directory, replacing it with the contents of the tar archive and starting the ssh server (remote terminal).

    I don't know what bearing this has on your error message though, can you please share what the error message is stating?
  • thank you for the reply sir. the problem in my installation of deep freeze is that "kstatupconfig" is having a problem. ohh you mean the script that i am using is removing? please help me sir and i want to ask u also please send it to my email the list of commands in linux environment. thanks
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I have installed mandriva 2008 and went to get deep freeze from www.faronics.com. The first issue I see is that this software is aqvailable for Linux, but only Novel SLED this could be the primary reason for it not working.

    as for learning commands:
    if you type "ls /bin/|xargs whatis;ls /usr/bin/|xargs whatis" into he terminal it will give the list of all commands that can be run as a standard user and a brief description of the functionality.
    Running "ls /sbin/|xargs whatis;ls /usr/sbin/|xargs whatis" will give the description of all commands that can be run as the admin.

    if you want further info on a command type "man command".
  • ahhh, that's why i can't install my deep freeze from faronics also. anyway thank you so much sir i hope i become more knowledgeable also so that i could help others who is in need of help also.
  • this is what i did in installing deep freeze to mandriva 2008 and it work sir.

    1st i wrote a script

    cd /home
    rm -fR /home/user
    tar xvf user.tar.gz

    2nd i wrote this script

    cd /home
    tar cvfz user.tar.gz user

    i also put Ultra Vnc in my computer in Mandriva

    Here's the commands:

    1. cd /home/user/.kde/Autostart
    2. vi vnc
    3. #!/bin/bash x11vnc -ncache -viewonly -forever -shared -bg
  • create 4 scripts. The first script call congelar.sh and write this:


    cd /
    cd /home/administrador/Escritorio
    sudo -S cp -rfp congela /etc/init.d
    sudo -S cp -rfp num-up /etc/init.d
    cd /
    cd /etc/init.d
    sudo -S chown root:root congela
    sudo -S chmod 755 congela
    sudo -S chown root:root num-up
    sudo -S chmod 755 num-up
    cd /
    cd /etc/rc2.d
    sudo -S ln -s /etc/init.d/congela ./S20congela
    sudo -S ln -s /etc/init.d/num-up ./S20num-up
    cd /
    cd tmp
    mkdir congelado
    cd /
    cd /home/administrador
    sudo -S tar -cpPf /home/administrador/backup-congelado.tar /home/congelado

    Then congela.sh:

    rm -rf /tmp/congelado
    mkdir /tmp/congelado
    mv /home/congelado /tmp/congelado
    tar -xpPf /home/administrador/backup-congelado.tar /home/congelado
    echo "Modulo de resguardo cargado..."

    then recongelado.sh


    cd /
    cd /home/laboratorio
    sudo -S umount Documentos
    cd /
    cd /home/administrador
    sudo -S rm -rf backup-laboratorio.tar
    sudo -S tar -cpPf /home/administrador/backup-laboratorio.tar /home/laboratorio

    and then num-up.sh


    for tty in /dev/tty[1-9]*; do
    setleds -D +num < $tty
    echo "Modulo numlock cargado..."

    Analize this if you don't understand just ask.


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