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Pushing Linux Files on a WinServer to a Linux Box


I have a Sourcefire Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that runs on Sourcefire Linux and is installed remotely.

Periodically, Sourcefire releases new rules, patches, feature updates, and new verions, which are based on one of the Linux files systems and that I would like to push to this remote IPS. Locally, I am running Windows Server 2003 and would like to push these Linux-based rules, patches, feature updates, and new versions from the Windows 2003 Server to the remote Sourcefire IPS, all of which are running in a production environment.

Two solutions I am aware of are using VMWare and "Ext2 Installable File System for Windows." However, I am interested in learning about other solutions and which, of all solutions, people think is the best.

By best, I mean most easily integrated into Windows Server 2003, most stable, least expensive, best performing, easiest to install, least complicated, etc. I know these are a lot of categories, but any advice I can receive will be great.

I plan on talking to Sourcefire more about this issue, but want to get feedback from others, as well.

Thank you in advance


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Have you though about installing cygwin with openssh on the windows server and having the ssh daemon run on the IDS systems so you can remotely push the updates via ssh and a script running through cron to the specified IP addresses?
  • hackertarget
    Keep it simple.

    Use winscp and a batch file called by the windows scheduler to automate a push from the Windows2003 server. Obviously will need to setup keys as well so that login is successful.

    Watch it though - I would be ok with signature updates being automated but would prefer to do patching of the IPS manually, you do not want it to break in the middle of the night.
  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    If you can run Samba on the Linux box, you can export the appropriate directory so it can be mounted on hte Windows box, at which time you can easily copy the files there.
  • aix4200
    If you are a kinda Linux beginner then i would say you should use WinSCP else you should try Cygwin.

    Make sure you install Cygwin with ssh then you would be able to use ssh from command line , for copy you should be able to use ssh from your windows server to your IPS Linux machine.
  • EJFreed22
    ^^ Agreed with Peter.... did this once for a package management solution and it worked out fine


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