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How to install Redhat Linux 9


Hi all,

Pease anyone tell me installation of red hat linux 9. I am installing.

After completion of 3 steps, they are



installation type=CDROM (by using cds)

then in next step, it is showing 3 buttons like "select driver", "use driver disk" and "back".

I am not going to next page by using these buttons. It is simply showing message like "driver not found".

I have tried a lot. could anyone please give me advise to install for further.

ok bye....


  • Set_Killer
    You can try to install CentOS, which is based on redhat and its all community supported. Then you can ask in #centos (freenode) for support if there is problem.
  • qraju
    Just go to BIOS - Advance - drive configuration
    1st option is Automatic Mode it may be enable you just disable it first after that 2nd option is ATA/IDE Mode which is the actual problem when you trying to boot using RED-HAT 9 CD .
    I think it is Native Mode you change that to Legacy Mode. Save your BIOS settings & Boot with RED-HAT 9 CD.


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