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Redhat 9 - Adaptec I20 OSM problem



I am a newbie in Linux system.

This morning, I perform a remote reboot to a Redhat 9 server and while it was booting up, I received the following message at the screen:

Boot from "IDE 1M : HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8163"... Fail

Boot from "Adaptec I20 OSM \ HD-<7"...Fail<br />

Prior to this error, nothing was done except for changing an IP address for an application script. I did 3 system reboots and I kept getting the above errors to prompt for system disk.

At the data center, I did a few tests. Please continue to read the following few scenarios.

Scenario 1


While booting up, the system prompts for:

1) "Hit for Adaptec setup, waiting for devices"

2) If is not entered, I will receive the errors shown above.

Scenario 2


While booting up, the system prompts for:

1) "Hit for Adaptec setup, waiting for devices"

2) When was entered, the system will display "Please wait...Adaptec Setup utility will be launched after POST"

3) After awhile, the system will display "PCI device listing...." with several columns of information such as, "Bus no.", "Device no.", "Func. no.", "Vendor ID", "Device ID", "Device Class" and "IRQ".

4) Except for the information described above, nothing else will be displayed. Even after waiting for like 10-20 mins, there will be no response from the server.

5) Able to perform reboot with .

Scenario 3


While reading from the Internet, I found that I am able to boot from a Redhat 9 (the server's OS) disk #1. After I inserted the disk into the CD-ROM and reboot the system, the system read from the disk. However, when it reached the "Choose a Language" options, I was not able to get any response from the keyboard at all. It seems that the server freezes and even was not possible. Only a hard reboot was possible.

Found some information from the Internet and i think it has got something to do with Adaptec's I20 driver. However, none of the descriptions seems to match my errors.

May I know if there are anyone out there who faced this problem and solve it? Would appreciate if you can offer some professional advises.

Many thanks in advance.




  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    I think you are starting to see some hardware problems. Time to dust off the old diagnostics disc and see what's failing.
  • newbie_1
    thanks for your professcional advice. sounds bad to be having hardware problems. :(

    How can you be so sure it's hardware problem?
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    Unless you performed some function that would have messed with your MBR, Disk Boot Failure points to a hardware failure.


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