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Locating support for Linux - Auditor ?

Hey Guys,

As you can see im new here so please be pacient. Im a bit of a newb with linux as well so any advice will have to be overly precise or you will prolly loose me otherwise :/


I recently downloaded and burnt an image of Linux - Auditor which im attempting to boot on my laptop. Now you may or may not be able to help me with my problem but you might be able to direct me to the correct forum or board where advice is available for this software.

Anyways. On with the problem. Simply the cd fails to boot corrrectly. After altering the bios so the dvd drive is the primary boot device it starts its INIT sequence. but hangs. Only a full power down and battery removeal will allow me to reboot the laptop. If i go for either option 7 or 8 (fail + save) then it will boot into the desktop but It dosent allow me to connect to the internet or use my usb mouse. Im suspecting that options 7+8 are like safe mode for windows. The laptops touch pad works however and i can navigate freely. I have no clue as to why it wont boot in any of the default resolutions and can only guess that theres some hardware or software incompatability.

If you require any further information to help me diagnose this problem then please just ask and I'll get what you need. Im very keen to use this package and already have the laptop set up to dual boot either Vista or Ubuntu which i kinda like. I would like to get this CD to work though as this package and its boot from cd functionallity is of interest to me.

Thanks in advance.


  • Welcome to Linux! I applaud your interest and willingness to start and try Linux.

    Reference your CD, most times it is a bad burn on a cheaper CD. You would need to first check the md5sum to make sure you got a good/full copy of the iso image you downloaded. You would have to download and install a tool for Windows to do that. Or if you downloaded it into your Ubuntu side, you can run from the command line:

    md5sum <name of image>.iso

    That will belch out a long hash number. You would need to compare that with what Remote-Exploit posts. If they differ you have an incomplete or corrupt iso.

    The other thing to do is to open up /var/log/messages and look into it as to any error messages the box is recording. If you can hit the "esc" key while booting it should knock back to a scrolling dialogue. And you can look for error messages there.

    Also, you might want to start with the manuals. Check the common errors and FAQ:
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I agree with Kryptikos, this does sound exactly like a bad CD. The original ISO image may have been corrupted in trasmission or the data may have been corrupted while writing the CD. The md5 and sha1 sums that are used with Linux iso and package files are a great tool, I would highly recommend getting used to the commands and utilizingthem to check the files.


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