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Linux on iBook G3 having problems


I am a lifetime apple user. And current OS X user. I've never done any terminal stuff or anything like that.

Originally I was gonna instal Kubutnu on this iBook G3 I have. But it only has 128mb RAM. So, I went with xubutnu. But, I got stuck during the install process.

I then learned I might have better luck with debian. I got a little farther. I got just past the point where it was wanting my network information. The ibook has a wireless card, and I have a wireless network. But, I read that for the webinstall of debian you have to have an ethernet internet connection. I am achieving this by sharing the internet from my iMac via ethernet.

But, during the install, it recognized my airport card. Don't know if I could install using that.

So, the installer wants me to type in a host name and then a suffix like .org or something like that. so i just hit 'return' on each option.

The installer continues to "setting up DHCP" or whatever. And now I'm at a screen that says "Loading additional components" and it is stuck at 0% "retrieving lvm2-udeb"

I really want to try linux out. Would be open to any help installing debian, ubutnu or anything at this point.



  • ford
    ford Posts: 24
    Unfortunately there are not any Linux distributions that will truly properly support Macintosh Power laptops. You will find that your wireless card (if any) will likely be finnicky, and your touchpad (if any) will also be finicky.


    Those will give you the best possible Linux experience on the Power platform (at least of which I am aware). If you choose to go the Ubuntu route, Xubuntu would be better suited to your hardware, but Slackintosh is scalable (window maker instead of KDE may be a good option). If you know the graphics chipset, network card manufacturer and model, and the touchpad manufacturer I would be able to tell you more.


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