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How to Install Red Hat Linux Desktop version 4?


I want to install Red Hat Linux Desktop version 4. Please tell me the step-by-step installation and which file system will be best for this O/S?

Like in windows, we have NTFS file system(which has very security features).

Is there any such file system in Linux?

Which file system should i use?


  • kryptikos
    Really need a little bit more information. Are you going to run this in a corporate environment? With RHED you will need a subscription to update packages / security patches. Why not consider RHED 5? It is the latest and most up to date.

    Reference your NTFS question, no the Linux FS does not deploy on NTFS at install. You can however have the Linux kernel mount NTFS filesystems that exist.

    With Red Hat they utilize the ext3 filesystem type.

    If you are just wanting a Red Hat type desktop you can use Fedora Core. What are your goals here?


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