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Is there a way to load xterm up at a specific location on the screen [bottom right]?

I'm setting up a screenshot command with scrot for a hotkey, the window now loads up at a small size but in the middle of the screen which makes the screenshot look ugly :P

This is the command I have.

xterm -geometry 80x5 -e "scrot -cd 5 /home/jim/screenshot.png"

I'm running Ubuntu and Openbox.


  • amnesia
    amnesia Posts: 60
    -geometry width x height +/- xoffset +/- yoffset

    width = in pixels usually; in characters for xterm
    height = in pixels usually; in rows for xterm
    +xoffset = pixels from left edge of screen
    -xoffset = pixels from right edge of screen
    +yoffset = pixels from top edge of screen
    -yoffset = pixels from bottom edge of screen

    xterm -geometry 132x40-10+350 &

    Source: manual.
  • sockets
    sockets Posts: 6
    That worked perfectly, thanks :) I looked through the manual, but I obviously didn't look far enough :P
  • amnesia
    amnesia Posts: 60
    Heh, sorry I consider 'google' a manual :P


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