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SAP and Ubuntu


I tried checking the contents of this forum (focusing on the Ubuntu Distro of Linux).

I was not able to find a good hit regarding SAP and Ubuntu. I wonder if anyone has an idea how to install SAP on top of Ubuntu.

Anyone from our pool of gurus?


  • kryptikos
    According to SAP, Ubuntu isn't supported at all...which means their developers won't be too concerned about it. There were a few things over on the SAP Community though about Ubuntu. One of the things I found was:


    Since Ubuntu is based on the Debian architecture that might lead you in the direction you need to successfully install.

    Also you didn't mention what version of Ubuntu you had. The LTS or just one of the regular releases? A post I found stated:

    last week I have successfully installed R3 Enterprise 4.7 (Basis 6.20) on Ubuntu Breezy Badger (Linux kernel 2.6.12) just for test reasons and it works flawlessly.

    You just need to cancel he installation before the SAP start and upgrade the SAPkernel to the newest 6.40 and generate standard locale ISO-8859-1, as Breezy Badger comes only with Unicode UTF-8 locales generated.


    However that was an old post in 06.

    I would reference the SAP Community for more specifics and folks who have/or are trying to do what you are interested in:



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