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confused over application for game


so i dont know alot about linux, its just what one of my room mates use on his computer and all the other comps are down, but thats not the point....

i downloaded a linux RPG named regnum online and finally after 2 hours of downloading it and i tried to open it it gave me a message saying this.....

couldnt display " /home/wade/desktop/regnumonlineinstall_64 "

also saying "there is no application installed for this file type"

this actually happens to me every time i download a game on this computer and its annoying cause ive downloaded several games.

any help would be appreciated


  • langerak
    langerak Posts: 15
    I think you should try running it from the commandline, most of the times it will work, since it's a executable program which can't be run directly by clicking on it.

    Open up a terminal and type this:
    sh /home/wade/desktop/regnumonlineinstall_64
    Or if you want to run it as a superuser type this:
    su sh /home/wade/desktop/regnumonlineinstall_64

    I bet one of the 2 works ;)!

    Good luck!


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