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Network Adapter issues


My HP DV6000 has a messed up internal wireless network adapter and I have been using a Linksys USB adapter for windows. I have converted to Linux, but Linksys does not support or have Linux drivers. Are there wireless network adapters out there for Linux or do I just buy one and hit or miss? Is there a list of compatible adapters somewhere or help with getting one working? Any help would be appreciated. :side:


  • raluxs
    raluxs Posts: 20
    Just as a test, could you try booting from a Mandriva Linux One livecd? so far It has been able to detect every wireless card I have tested, (intels and ralink and their different incarnations).

    Good luck
  • EJFreed22
    Another long shot if you dont want to buy a new one is to try ndiswrapper.... however the program can be annoying sometimes if you cant track down a driver i'd just grab another card I've never had an issue with dlink or linksys
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    It's really the chipset that's in the adapter that is the key. A lot of adapters have broadcom chipsets which are a pain in Linux, but can be overcome with ndiswrapper, but you need to get the correct driver. And the only way to get the correct driver is to find out what chipset it has. Sometimes the same linksys models have different chipsets (genius huh?), so put that linksys model number in mother google and see what you can come up with.


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