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plez what i do to get a free linux


  • Set_Killer
    Go here or here to select one linux. then go to the selected linux's homepage and start downloading the iso (or .img if there is one and you want to isntall it from usb). Then burn the iso and install it from there. dont forget to read the readme before install...
  • ruben_linux
    the best distro for me is ubuntu, them debian but the peolpe said it is for GURU's
  • barbara
    barbara Posts: 2
    I like Ubuntu too, it's really simple and gnome is really user friendly
  • bofhorg
    bofhorg Posts: 11
    I can recommend OpenSuSE (http://www.opensuse.org) for starters. A Nicely polished linux distribution. Support is also very good.
  • deatharte
    try this one linux brother..

    Damn Small Linux (DSL)


    you can execute this distribution through live cd..
  • addycm
    addycm Posts: 1
    You can try getting one from www.getgnulinux.org
  • Wicked
    Wicked Posts: 24
    I would recommend either OpenSuse or Ubuntu for starts. Both are solid for starters. Just make sure you do some research on which ever you choose before you make the switch.

    If you have a factory computer i.e (Compaq, Hp, Emachine) you could run into some driver issues, but most drivers are current and up to date. better safe then sorry though :D
  • xm4n
    xm4n Posts: 1
    Hi, well besides Ubuntu or openSuse, you can get another distro which is polished and solid for complete starters! It's Mint Linux 7 (gloria). You can easily get to the web site, www.linuxmint.com, from there you can click on "Download" link to your right side of screen (looks like a CD); and download a version (I recommend Main or Universal Edition). And the nafter download, burn to a CD or DVD. Thats it!! and just reboot computer and run from CD/DVD and go from there (step by step instructions will lead you).


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