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Any kind of Linux for iPhone/iPod touch? Please?

Ok. Well, I am your average jailbroken iTouch user, but I have recently been introduced to Linux (A couple months ago). I was wondering if anyone knew of a distro for the iTouch that has GUI and touch screen usablilty. I have heard of the open iBoot, but my iTouch might as well be a monitor because it is merely the command line. My Aussie friend (Who introduced me to Linux) would totally freak out when/if I get some distro (maybe DSL or puppy?) on my iTouch. I know the apple iPhone OS works better and faster, but with the 16GB memory, I could probably partition or something like that with the GRUB bootloader running on startup. If any one knows of something I could use to install, and sometime even restore, that would be amazing... :laugh: :woohoo:


  • teckner
    teckner Posts: 4
    Oh, and I mean a program that is on the computer (Linux or retarted windows:huh: ) that would install the usable Linux OS on the iTouch. Thank for trying. :)
  • Try to google with this keywords:

    Iphone linux

    This maybe helpfull.

    also try to find some videos about that...

    thats all i can help you about this theme.
  • teckner
    teckner Posts: 4
    I haven't seen that blog, but I do know about that project...
    As I said, there is no accelerometer or touch screen support, but thanks anyway... Please update me if you find anything else. You can also email me, but please post too, so others with the same question can learn about this subject. Thanks again!
  • Rovanion
    Rovanion Posts: 73
    Well the iPhone has an ARM processor which is somwhat supported by the major distros. So you could always try to put a slice of Debian on it. But I do not know how useful it would be.
  • teckner
    teckner Posts: 4
    That's true, but I'm wondering how I could put the Distro on my iPod. And I don't know were I would find a driver for the iPod's touch screen and accelerometer. Because I'm not a developer, I know very little about the coding and such. Thanks though, I did not know about the ARM processor, I always thought it was an intel atom…


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