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Help With Networking Pls

kggy Posts: 18

I have posted about this earlier maybe now i'll have more answers.

I have an Acer E510 laptop, i managed to set up my internet connection at home with pppoeconf, just folowed the instructions and it works fine. One day I wanted to use my laptop at work and i tried to connect to the internet by setting up the connection manually. At work we have a small network, but after i typed in all the details like my IP address, netmask, gateway, DNS saved the connection and it did not work. Is there a possibility to make it work, i would like to have the two connections so i would just plug in the cabele and Ubuntu would just recognize which connection it is. How can I setup these two accounts.

Thanx in advance!!!!


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    What kind of network did you attach to at home? What kind of network are you trying to attach to at work? What hardware is involved in these networks? Linux based network? Windows based network? Router attached to cable modem? Attached at work through a hub, or directly to server?
    If you want answers your going to have to supply a whole lot more information.
  • Hi...yeah, we need a bit more information before we can help diagnose. You need to put in any errors you see. Usually by default Ubuntu's network manager utility handles all negotiating and connecting to the network.

    Are there any errors that popped up? What does your messages log file say?
  • kggy
    kggy Posts: 18
    at home i have DSL internet connection, at work we have a small windows network of 5 PC's,with a hub. in my XP at work if i want to connetc i type in my detailes and it works, it worked o my laptop as well before i set up my home connection with pppoeconf. someone sujested to kill pppoe while i try to connect to my work network? would that be a solution.
    there is no specific error message it just says that connection not managed.
    thank you!
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    I'm sorry, I've never setup a DSL modem (use only cable) or a windows network (only use Linux servers). I'm hoping someone here has more experience to help you.
  • I'm not sure everything you done...but in the case of Ubuntu until you get more comfortable with command line I'd suggest you let the 'network manager' handle your connections.

    If you right click on the network manager you will see an option to "edit connections". Since your office is not based on DHCP (meaning you have to manually configure your IP address, DNS, router/gateway) it would be easier for you to just set up your DSL and office LAN networks here. You can check to automatically connect on either one when you are changing locations.


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