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please please please help me!


I've successfully installed virtual box,and a windows in it!however,in both the windows and linux ubuntu9.04,when I try to install my sound card,it says;

please ensure that your sound blaster hardware is properly installed before running this setup program

my sound card is "sound blaster live!5.1,creative"

my speakers are


and how can I fit the window to screen,in virtual box?it stays in the middle of the screen,and does not fit screen even when i tried




My web cam,microsoft life cam1.4 also isn't working

thanks in advanced:(


  • Rovanion
    Rovanion Posts: 73
    If you're running Windows in VirtualBox Windows is no longer directly correct to the soundcard in your actual computer but rather the virtual one that is VirtualBox. So installing the Windows drivers for your actual sound card in your VirtualBox will not help.

    The speakers does not matter them either.

    I presume that you are running Ubuntu 9.04 as your host OS, the operating system that you have installed on your actual computer. Are you trying to install the Windows drivers in Linux? Because that will not work.

    I've been googling around the net for you which is what you should have done. But I found a page that people with your soundcard have been fallowing to sort out their sound issues.
    Here you go and remember to up my karma if it works ^^.


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