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please help me out!

I had installed ubuntu 9.04..i had no sound..may be a driver problem..i had updated the latter as it instructed me..I had understood how to install the provided programs in the add remove programs option..I did it all yesterday,because today morning,the upper tool bar had disappear and i had to re-isntall ubuntu!I saw how you people run windows xp on linux,how you get a 3-d desktop,etc...but its totally different!I need help to get a pc like demonstrated on you tube..how to get the sound,how to run xp,how to run any program I was using on windows on linux,as i saw for some,it was made possible...I got a problem with my web cam,and floppy drive also..please help me out!thanks in advanced!


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    I cannot help with the sound or webcam issues at this time. But for your floppy, you need to go to the system folder, find the floppy icon, right click on mount. As with windows the OS has to be told to look at the device before it can announce the new data.

    now for your other items:

    to setup the desktop effects you need to need to configure compiz to use your chosen animations and effects, I recommend recommend installing the compiz configration manager and the simple compiz configuration manager, the names are not exact, I am trying to remember the names.

    To have the cool MAC style icons at the botton you can install caito-dock, this program will have to setup as a startup application if you want it on the screen by default.

    To run windows or another OS within ubuntu you want to install VirtualBox, this will allow you to install any OS as a virtual machine, but with the windows OSs you will have to have a physical copy of the disk and the proper licensing to install, treat it as a second computer.
  • Rovanion
    Rovanion Posts: 73
    I just recommended another guy here on the boards this guide from Ubuntu Geeks to solve his audio problems with Ubuntu 9.04.


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