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Trouble burning


Not sure where to start here.

I am running Ubuntu 9.04.

I am trying to burn a data CD. This normally easy task seems to be evading me.

Here is the run down. I have tried to use a number of programs to just burn some pictures to a CD. Sounds easy enough only I haven't burned anything with Linux yet. Nor do I have a supply of troubleshooting knowledge with Linux .....yet.

So far I have attempted to use: K3B, Gnomebaker, and Brasero.

When I attempt to make a data CD with the pictures in question the burning process begins but then abruptly ends a few moments later with an "unknown error 0"

So I am left scratching my head for the moment here.

Any help would be super great. As I am basically teaching myself to do everything anyhow.



  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    In you next attempt(s) please launch the burning utilities from the command line, this will allow you to get the full error message output from the command line to paste here for us to review.

    Once more information is available we will be able to better help you.
  • ruben_linux
    try this:

    cdrecord -v speed=4 dev=0,0,0 -data pictures .iso

    'cdrecord -scanbus' give the dev=*****

    the k3b is a grafic tool that call the cdrecord. because is more ease
    use cdrecord
  • kryptikos
    kryptikos Posts: 61
    You can tell K3b to give you more information if there is an error and have it write out what's going on to a log file. To change it to log go to "Settings->Configure K3B->Notifications Tab"

    Cheers - Kryptikos
  • barbara
    barbara Posts: 2
    Burn the cd quite slow (ie x4 is good)
  • sam.albuquerque
    Copy data to a folder lets say "/path/to/data" and you want to label your disc as "Disc_label". Also lets suppose the device node for your recorder is "/dev/XYZ"

    Now enter this command
    mkisofs -o - -Jvr -V Disc_label /path/to/data | cdrecord dev=/dev/XYZ -v -eject -


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