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High Hesolution Fonts


Hi! I´m using Ubuntu 9.04 at home. It´s a great OS, but I´ll have to put Windows back for one issue: the font size and resolution.

The Ubuntu don´t look nice in the resolution of 1280 x 1024. It´s hard to read, the fonts are too small and too ugly, without a good resolution.

There´s a way to fix this?



  • ravil
    ravil Posts: 5
    You can change fonts DPI (Appearence -> Fonts -> Details -> Resolution).
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    Geez, don't put windows back just because of the fonts. That's a minor thing to fix.
    In Gnome, if you go to System-->Administration-->Add/Remove Software, you can search for fonts, there are many in the Ubuntu repos that you can quickly install. And if you still need to adjust them you can go to System-->Preferences-->Appearance -> Fonts -> Details -> Resolution and tweak them.

    If the above info didn't help, go to this link and look at all the different fonts you can install:
  • lucaspereira
    Thanks, for both of you.

    I´ll do that, and hope it works well enogh to make all the people here at home, happy.

    I use Linux since 1998, but I never liked it as I like it now. Linux is more mature, and Ubuntu is a great OS. Because of my work, I have to use a notebook with Windows, a Mac with OS X, and I´m trying ubuntu 9.04 at home. I´m loving it!

    I think Windows still the best OS for playing games and watch movies. But for work, specially mine (I´m content manager and writer in a site to be launched at August 11), Gnome and it´s applications, give a incredible gain in productivity...

    Now I´m wating for Jolicloud! Almost everything I need to work is already on the web!


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