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PS3 - YellowDog (Photography/Editing)


Dear Linux Users,

I am a WindowsXP Pro user familiar with the ins and outs on a using dos/installing/troubleshooting and buliding microsoft boxes"

I recently purchased a Playstation 3 to setup as my computer and installed Yellow Dog 6.0 on it. I have become fond of it and want to keep using it exclusively eventually ridding myself of Microsoft.

I am an Artist and I use a 42" HDTV with wireless mouse and keyboard. I was hoping this setup would aid me in editing my photography but I am unable to open the files on GIMP.

I use a sony a-300 camera and prefer to shoot my photos in the RAW file format. I am finding it difficult to find a stable software to compete with the software that came with it. (Sony Image Data Suite)

Can anyone point me in the right direction of a link/thread help section for this situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for reading this.

(Also I am reading through the Doctor Linux Manual :) I am considering using a more popular Distribution vs the YDL as it seems new and a still bit undeveloped?



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