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RHEL AS 3 Kernal booting error


Dear All,

I have two machine running RedHAT Linux and attached to EMC SAN storage and running an oracle cluster active active. Yesterday, One of the machine was down

due to power fluctation. This is multiprocess machine model 6800 power edge and using (REDHAT ENTERPRISE LINUX AS (2.4.21-37.ELsmp) ) Kernal by default.

the machine gets hang on stuff below. It seems to me a HBA driver loading problem. But when i use different kernel (REDHAT ENTERPRISE AS-UP (2.4.21-37.EL))

it boots the machine and attache to storage. But i cannot run my oracle cluster stuff on it becasue the kernel should be (REDHAT ENTERPRISE LINUX AS (2.4.21-37.ELsmp) )

Please help me how can i pass thorugh the booting process using kernal (REDHAT ENTERPRISE LINUX AS (2.4.21-37.ELsmp) ) . Please find below the error detail

when using kernel ELsmp.

error message detail


loading megaraid_sas.o module


Hint: insmod errors can be caused by inccorect module parameter,including invalid

I/O or IRQ paramegter. you may find more information in syslog or the output from dmesg.

error: /bin/insmod exited abnormally loading lpfc.o module

Machine Exception 0000000000000000000004

I will be very thankfull to you.




  • kryptikos
    You are right. It is the fabric card's driver. I take it by the lpfc module you are running emulex cards. The best thing would be to grab the latest drivers from emulex and recompile for the kernel you want (2.4.21-37.ELsmp).


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