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Linux program to create LiveCD of installed Debian

QBall2U Posts: 1

I saw some program (I forget what it was called) on another distro that allows one to create a LiveCD of their installed linux (as a backup in case of emergency and/or to carry around with you) ... I _think_ that it was a GUI program!? I am using Kanotix Excalibur (with the latest Debian / KDE kernel) and I see no such program listed in Synaptic (or did I miss something somewhere)!? Even though I've used Linux for several years, I'm not real knowledgeable on Linux's command-line or terminal commands and would prefer to stay away from anything that was too complicated; I'd prefer a program that would do all the necessary work and all I'd have to do was click a few [OK]'s, and maybe do as _little_ bit of typing as possible! ;) Can anyone point me to a program (or more) such as I am asking about? Thanks all, QBall


  • Rovanion
    Rovanion Posts: 73
    On Ubuntu and on systems like it there is by standard an application called AptonCD installed for doing just what you describe. Ubuntu is based off of Debian and both uses apt so it should work just fine on Debian.


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